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Grease LIVE! to Hairspray LIVE!

Fall 2016

"From personal experience on many, many shows with Soundtronics Wireless, there is such a high comfort level with their professionalism and attention to detail that it allows my concentration to shift to the mix and performance and away from anxiety about the RF systems."

LP - FOX.jpg

FOX Sports

November 2018

"In total, over 400 frequencies were coordinated...'This was probably the best performing show I’ve ever done, and a lot of that is because of the Clear-Com equipment we were using...It performed flawlessly, and that’s what you want for your clients — not one hiccup or a single complaint.' says Waufle"

PSW - ACM.jpg

50TH ACM Awards

May 2015

“We had so little open spectrum, I specified Axient for the opening...We used them in frequency diversity mode with a second frequency pre-programmed in case of interference. Of course, they never switched once. There’s two reasons for that: first, the selectivity of the Axient system, and second, disaster never happens when you’re ready for it.”

SVG - SCB.jpg

Showtime Championship Boxing

February 2019

"Wireless comms are increasingly necessary to cover the locker rooms and the televised and streamed walks as the boxers make their way to the ring, part of the pageantry and drama of the sport. And the multiple locker rooms expand where wireless partyline needs to reach."

TVT - CC.jpg

Soundtronics & Clear-Com

February 2018

"Since 1991, Soundtronics Wireless has been the go-to wireless communications source for TV shows and live productions through our Los Angeles headquarters and Las Vegas satellite office."


Grammy Awards

March 2010

“We had a total of 209 wireless frequencies in use during the Grammy Awards for hand-helds, headsets, belt packs, IEMs, and intercoms—it was a very crowded spectrum, with RF reflections from the stage sets and all those video monitors and LED displays producing a large amount of potential RF interference.”

SVC - WSOP.jpg

World Series of Poker

November 2018

"That’s an enormous amount of wireless gear to look after and a very mobile and changing operation as the competition continues and the players are knocked off... In watching the videos I almost forgot about the tech side even though that’s why I was watching it."


Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

May 2015

"For a major live televised event, the audio equipment must perform without failure. Soundtronics had to ensure there were no wireless microphone or IEM issues during the broadcasted fight...All Shure gear performed flawlessly."


The Oscars

March 2009

"With years of experience at this and other L.A. area events, Bellamy knew that the key to success was planning and implementation..."The goal was to run as little gain as possible. It's a loud stage...The more power I have coming off the transmitters, the more I can turn down the gain, and then less noise comes into the system."

Our History


As many of you know, Soundtronics Wireless has been around for a long time. But did you know the company has been in business for over 50 years? Larry Jost was one of the first on the scene in the industry when he founded Sound-Tronics in 1964, just three years after the first wireless microphone was used in the film Mutiny on the Bounty. He rented out wireless gear to films like How the West was Won, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Chinatown, and General Hospital.

Our Past Shows and Clients

Golden Knights
The Grammys
American Idol
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